Let's play?
Batta and Batti want to play today. But it rains and stops and rains! Wait! They see a magnificent blue light! What is it?

Join Batta and Batti as they have fun learning about the climate of Sri Lanka with Vidu!
Batta cannot do its swing properly and Batti keeps on missing. What is going on? Oh-oh! What is that dark cone of wind coming towards them?

See how Batta and Batti escape a thunderstorm and learn how to be safe!
It started as a fine day of cricket practice for Batta and Batti…until Batti decided to jump in the river. Strong dark river water is rushing towards Batta!
Watch how heavy rain related disaster can be avoided with the help of Batta and Batti’s new friends: Pulli, Vidu and Kandula!
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